You could simply deploy Elasticsearch in a statefulset using HELM.

1. Installing HELM:

If you are using linux, type: curl | bash

If not, see here the installation process for your O.S.

2. Add the stable repository to Helm, and upgrade them:

helm repo add stable

helm repo update 

3. Install Elasticsearch Helm chart

Now you’re able to install the Elasticsearch chart, type:

helm install stable/elasticsearch --generate-name

Wait for the installation, you could check using kubectl get pods -l app=elasticsearch

To access you could use proxy-port on service name:

ES_SVC=$(kubectl get svc -owide -l "app=elasticsearch" -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")

kubectl port-forward svc/$ES_SVC 9200:9200

4. Access the service:

To access the service go to from your browser.